My thought process since I migrated to the U.S. four years ago has turned out to be more challenging as well as questioning self and facing a certain kind of anxiety which is a growing concern regarding the vulnerability of our very existence anywhere in this planet. As an artist from the Indian diaspora and moving into a different demographic reality from my native home, it is not easy to adopt the new home, to understand the society and to get accustomed with it. Like many other artists, I am deeply affected by the relentless cycle of violence in various parts of the world and the immense suffering it has been causing. My concerns have become more intense about never ending wars, threat of atomic weapons, industrial and environmental pollution and our excessive consumption of natural resources which is threatening our very existence. We face risks everyday, which is existential risk that threaten to wipe out humanity. These risks are not just for big disasters, but for the disasters that could end history. This uncertainty of life of the planet we call home has shaken my trust and confidence in the future of humanity. There is a sense of loss which is why the images of earth are repeatedly coming into my visual space in a micro and macro level. ‘Perilous Home’ should be taken as the way we have treated our own home and face the inevitable circumstances.
There is a juxtaposition of physical and metaphysical content which is constantly playing in my subconscious with equal significance . I find myself as a person of deep curiosity about the philosophy of existentialism 'which emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice. It is the view that humans define their own meaning in life and try to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational universe. It focuses on the question of human existence, and the feeling that there is no purpose or explanation at the core of existence’. Perhaps when we passed through various social and political evolution and if we allowed us to see it our conscience, it reflects into one creative persons thought process. Therefore, my works have also taken different turn without my consent , this is what I feel about the works .I have noticed once my mind is fulfilled during the working process, there is a sense of detachment started with that work. The work become impersonal, not under any ownership. A pure form of art can’t b e own by the person even who has created it. It has its own existence.

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